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what we do

We optimise the food supply chain to reduce wastage, revolutionise and innovate space reuse, recommend homes based on home buyer's lifestyle, socialise travel, and turning data into self-aware information. We are an OEM software product developer and a data as a service company.

Stubs - Being you

A programmatic ads platform, delivering real-time advertising with real-time sales transactions based on demographic data obtained within the vicinity of the ad placement media.

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Onions & Garlic - Everybody's kitchen

Get market data on food consumption and preference and run brand awareness campaigns through recipes. Lastly, close the sales by selling your food ingredients through Onions & Garlic.

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Fluidspace - Space reused

Your office rental is a fixed cost regardless if your team is present. Switch your empty workspaces in the office into profitable spaces by leasing them to other professionals on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly rates.

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Squarefeet - A place for your lifestyle

Squarefeet redefines property search by giving real estate consumers a whole new experience in finding the right real estate. The right real estate is the one that fits your lifestyle.

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Travities - Curating travel, one activity at a time, all over the world

Curating travels, one activity at a time, all over the world. Travities brings travellers a free and easy travelling experience. You pick and match your travel activities, any way you want. Share what you love, share your amazing travel experience.

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